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Anita – Drawing up a design for a Sculpture
Bill…my driver…my encourager…my best friend…my husband!

Anita Watts Bronze Sculpture

Creating the Connection”

Sculpture that captures the spirit of a brief moment caught in time and space… sometimes nostalgic, sometimes whimsical, …but always heartening, energetic, and full of life.

Anita is known for her realistic bronze sculpture that captures the lively interaction between children and animals, children and adults, and her artistry that expresses the connection between man, wildlife and their shared environment. “I am especially interested in that spark of suspended animation that takes place in that magical moment when two living things “connect”. I look for a situation where there is action and reaction. It is that special moment of drama and suspense that I want to capture in my sculpture.”

“Drama, suspense and excitement in Sculpture are very important to me.  I strive to capture in “mid-air” children interacting with animals, or people connecting with each other, or the unique characteristics of wildlife and habitat. I am trying to express this special connection that we have with each other and with the natural world around us.”

My Sculpture exhibits my main goal of honoring God as the Master Creator of all living things. I love recreating His beautiful creations of children and adults of all nations, as well as the many unbelievable variations of animals that we see in nature… “Equine subjects have always had a special attraction for me. The horse, from war-horse to work-horse was a precious gift from God to man and helped shape the course of world history. As an artist I admire the strength, grace, and beauty of the horse, but what still intrigues me most is their marvelous personality. How the horse responds and interacts with humans is the focus of my sculpture. Does he show affection, trust, curiosity, fear, or flight? What I capture in my equine sculpture is this very special connection between the horse and his human companion.  

Art Training & Education:

  • The Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH              Undergraduate studies
  • The Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH                               Graduated – Cum Laude
  • Southwest Missouri University, Springfield, MO              BFA – Sculpture & Illustration
  • Miami University, Oxford, OH                                          MFA – Sculpture & Art Ed

Professional Memberships:

  • ISC – The International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, NJ   
  • NSS – The National Sculpture Society, New York, NY      
  • AAEA – American Academy of Equine Artists, Lexington, KY
  • OOS – Ohio Outdoor Sculpture, Cleveland, OH        
  • DAI – The Dayton Art Institute,  Dayton, OH   
  • OSC – The Sculpture Center of Ohio, Columbus, OH   
  • PCAA – Preble Co. Arts Association, Eaton, OH          

Anita Watts Bronze Sculpture – Eaton, OH 45320   Email: