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Photos by Jafe Parsons


  • Bronze Sculpture of a 15 yr. old Teen – Annabelle. 
  • Life-sized:  63” H x 28” W x 28” D
  • Limited Edition of 12

Annabelle, came out to be video photographed for her Sculpture dressed in her Riding Habit.  As she walked up to me she said, “I want to hold onto my horse in my Sculpture”. At first, I thought she was teasing, but I soon found out she was absolutely serious. I asked her if she had talked to her Dad about this, as a life-sized horse in bronze is very large and very expensive. She told me she would talk to him about it. As we drove out to the stable where her horse, Nae Nae was kept, I found out that Annabelle is very witty, and has a unique sense of humor, but definitely knows what she wants to do.

When she got mounted on Nae Nae there was no doubt that Annabelle knew exactly how to ride, and I enjoyed seeing how she connected with Nae Nae. Each respected each other and made sure that they were on the same page.  I am sure they will do very well in future horse show events as well as being excellent companions for many years to come.