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Baxter & Buffy


  • Oval walnut base
  • Size: 2″ H x 10″ W x 12″ L
  • Limited Edition of 12

When I went down to the Humane No Kill Animal Shelter, who had requested a proposal for a commissioned sculpture, I asked to see how they cared for their adoptable animals.  When we got back to the Cat and Kitten area my heart melted.  Here were these adorable little kittens that were so sweet and cuddly but had nowhere to call their home. Baxter and Buffy were all eyes as they watched us going past each unit where the cats and kittens were kept.  They were so sweet and so soft, I just had to hold them for a few minutes.  I can report that they have now found their happy forever homes.

I sculpted them and permanently mounted them on huge rocks the Animal Shelter had accumulated for the Sculptures.  Then I received permission to do a limited edition of the two kittens to sell separately with the profits going back to the Animal Shelter.