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Photos by Jafe Parsons


  • “Carly”
  • Size:  60”H x  24”W x 23”D
  • Limited Edition of 12

“London” and “Carly” Sister Sculptures Unveiled: In a private gathering of family and friends Dennis and Joyce Griffin unveiled the life-sized sculptures of their two granddaughters, London and Carly, sculpted by Anita Watts, in the garden patio area of their beautiful Kentucky home.

Anita did extensive sketches of the two girls to create the sculptures that skillfully reveal each girls’ individual personalities and interests. “Carly” at 10 years of age, reveals her love of dancing as she gracefully swirls around on a base of Kentucky flagstone.  As Carly spins around in her Grandmother’s garden setting, she threw her head back and greeted us with a warm, welcoming smile of confidence.