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  • “Marissa”
  • Life-sized: 48″ H x 24″ D x 22″ W
  • Limited Edition of 12

Marissa is a bronze sculpture of a personable 5 year old girl. She is sculpted life-size, holding a basket. This sculpture was designed as an indoor or an outdoor piece and the basket may hold a live plant, or some favorite toys of the girl, or perhaps it will overflow with water in an outdoor garden setting.

Indoors the girl can be cast on a uniquely textured stool and her basket may contain anything from magazines to toys. Outdoors she can be mounted on an existing rock or installed in a garden setting. Another option is to order this sculpture plumbed to be a fountain, with water trickling out of the holes in the basket. Use you imagination to make this sculpture enliven your home or garden décor.