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Ruff & Redi


  • “Ruff & Redi”
  • Size: 10″ W x 12″ L x 2″ H
  • Limited Edition of 12

When I went down to the Humane No Kill Animal Shelter, who had requested a proposal for a commissioned sculpture, I asked to see how they cared for their adoptable animals.  They began by showing me their dogs of varying ages and breeds. They showed me how they feed, groom, and care for these dogs. They also have volunteer trainers who come in to work with the dogs and make them so friendly and confident around people.  Two puppies that attracted my attention were named “Ruff” and “Redi”.  They appeared to be a mixed breed with a lot of Rottweiler in them. They were exceedingly friendly and confident and came right up to me to be petted.  They loved to play with each other and would roll over and jump up and have so much fun playing.  They were perfect models for the Ruff and Redi sculptures to go onto the Humane Sculpture site that I titled “Loving Friends”.

I sculpted them and permanently mounted them on huge rocks the Animal Shelter had accumulated for the Sculptures.  Then I received permission to do a limited edition of the two puppies to sell separately with the profits going back to the Animal Shelter.