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William Bruce


  • “William Bruce”
  • Size: 72″ H x 33″ W x 33″ D
  • Bronze: 355 lbs.

In April 2005 I was asked to present some ideas for a sculpture for the Bicentennial of Eaton, Ohio, founded by William Bruce in 1906. I did some research and completed sketches and contacted three Foundries for bids on the project.  I presented the sketches and a proposal and received the authorization to proceed. The following day, after getting the ‘go ahead’, I made a visit to Mound Hill Cemetery and located the grave of William Bruce.   I made a commitment to William that day, that I would try my very best to represent him and his founding spirit in the form of a bronze sculpture that would represent his vision for Eaton, Ohio.

It has been an interesting journey, from the early research about William Bruce to researching the correct period clothing for 1806, to finding the original Plat of Eaton as drawn by William Bruce himself, to seeing William Bruce’s linen shirt as preserved by the Preble County Historical Society.

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